Eyemera fundus is customizable power at your fingertips

Your new Breakthrough Animal Research Discoveries are now in Reach with the Eyemera Complete Eye Imaging System by IISCIENCE. This Versatile, Comprehensive System is a multi-Imaging Powerhouse for all of Your In-Depth Eye Research needs.
eyemera fundus

Versatile Fundus Imaging

We chose a safe and durable light source for the Eyemera Fundus so you can be confident of a perfect image-capture every time. It is compact enough to operate in confined lab spaces or on the go. In every case, you will produce high-resolution, broad-spectrum retinal imaging from visible to NIR, which captures images in both color and monochrome.


Color Imaging
Mono Eyemera Fundus
Color Imaging
Mono Eyemera Fundus
Image Sesnor Color High sensitivity CCD sensor @ visible range
Mono High QE at NIR region
Image resolution 3 microns for mouse, 6 microns for Rat
# of pixels 1000 x  1000 pixels
Field of view 45 degree
Imaging frame rate(FPS) 3 FPS - 30 FPS
Imaging modalities Color Color image/FA image
Mono Mono image/FA image/ICGA image
CCD dynamic range 65dB
Dark current noise < 1 e-/s
Readout Noise 8.5 e-
Exposure control/range Manual / 5.4 us to 8 min
Data format Tiff, JPEG, BMP
Data interface USB2.0
Objective lens One lens for Rodents
Light source Color 6500K white LED and Blue LED
Mono 6500K white LED / NIR LD
Animal Bed 6 degrees of freedom stage
Computer intel core CPU Laptop computer/Window 10 OS
Software User friendly GUI to acquire snapshots and videos