IISCIENCE Imaging Technology develops and
manufactures eye imaging systems, tools, and
software. We enable researchers to easily capture
and explore high resolution images of animals at a
fraction of the cost of comparable systems.

IISCIENCE is a team of passionate scientists, dedicated doctors, and tenacious technologists, who collaborate in pursuit of a shared vision of Innovative Imaging Science. We are optical system design experts and vision scientists. If you research eyes using animal models, IISCIENCE will help you achieve better results and more profound insights than ever before.

Our Mission

To provide scientists with the right instruments and for them to explore scientific discoveries.

High quality

We make capturing ophthalmic images a quick and easy process. When it comes to results, we show you that “Seeing is believing!”

Imaging cameras from IISCIENCE

Eyemera fundus camera

  • Color Fundus Captures Both Color and FA Images
  • Mono Fundus Offers Dynamic Spectrum Up to NIR Including ICG Images That Allow Visualization of Choroidal Vessels
  • Safer, More Reliable and Durable Light Source : High – Powered LED
  • Work Where you need to : Compact, Lightweight System For Confined Lab Space or on the go

Eyemera OCT camera

  • 880 nm high axial resolution up to 3 microns
  • Lateral resolution less than 10 microns
  • High speed A scan rate up to 40K Hz
  • B scan imaging rate: 14 Hz

What we can do for you

IISCIENCE Does One Thing

IISCIENCE is not a company division. We focus exclusively on advanced retinal imaging systems. We design equipment and software to deliver outstanding results and do it more consistently than any other alternative on the market. As the designers and OEM, we have the optical engineering and scientific expertise to customize your equipment and software precisely to your research purposes.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Bioimaging system design experts
  • Customized optical system design
  • Customized software
  • Imaging analysis program
  • OCT analysis & 3D visualization program
  • Ophthalmic imaging system design
  • Ophthalmic lens design


One objective lens is for all animal eyes.

The objective lens of the imaging device is designed and optimized for laboratory animals,

and only one objective lens captures retina images from all species eye.


Easy to use and to move


Multi-imaging modalities


Customized design upon requests


Quick to capture and to analyze


Affordable price with high-resolution image quality


Imaging with a broad-spectrum light source



    “Looking for a right equipment is not easy specially when it involves in depth studies till Eyemera came, when we tried it, we found that it gives precision completeness and accurateness in our Eye research with Mouse models for studies of retinal degeneration and diseases, it is the Excellent imaging system for rodents and the system is an absolute user friendly. Sometimes a choice fails BUT NOT WITH EYEMERA.”

    Hye kyoung Hong

    Ph.D. Chief Scientist, Seoul National University-Bundang, Korea
  • “At first I hesitated to believe what Eyemera can do to my Eye research for mouse and rats when it was introduced to me, because I had a bad experienced with the eye imaging machine I used in the past, but with its affordable price, I thought I got nothing to lose so I got one and made it a part of the Lab. To my surprise, Eyemera was more than what I have expected. It made my research easier; the images it produces are superb in quality, very high image resolution so it gives me more image details and accurate results and has gone further deeply into what I need. It’s the perfect imaging system for rodents.”

    Hae sol Shin

    Mouse retinal Imaging Specialist, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
  • “It is a great eye imaging system indeed. Light weight and compact. Nothing is impossible now in reaching the tiniest part of the rodents’ eye which had led us to contribute much to science. It captures both color and FA images and very reliable of providing good fundus images.”

    Principal Investigator

    , DanKook University, Korea
  • “Never have I thought that my study would be more exciting as I discovered that I can go through my in-depth studies more challenging as I explore to the tiniest details of my goal more clearly. It provides me with exact details and information and very straight forward eye imaging machine.”

    Principal Investigator

    K-bio health, Osong, Korea